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Info for Space frame making solution

The basic units that make up the grid are triangular pyramids, triangular prisms, cubes, truncated quadrangular pyramids and so on. These basic units can be combined into a flat shape of a triangle, a quadrilateral, a hexagon, a circle, or any other shape.

It has the advantages of space stress, light weight, high rigidity, and good seismic performance; it can be used as a house for buildings such as stadiums, theaters, exhibition halls, waiting halls, stadium stands, hangars, two-way large-column grid structures, and workshops, cover.

The disadvantage is that the number of rods converging on the node is large, and the production and installation are more complicated than the planar structure.

It can be divided into double-layer plate-type grid structure, single-layer and double-layer shell-type grid structure. The members of the plate type grid and the double-layer shell type grid are divided into upper chord, lower chord and web members, which mainly bear tension and pressure; the members of the single-layer shell type grid, in addition to bear the tension and pressure, also bear Bending moment and shear force.

Most of China's grid structure adopts plate type grid structure.

The first type is composed of a plane truss system. There are four types of two-way orthogonal orthographic grids, two-way orthogonal diagonal grids, two-way diagonal diagonal grids, and three-way grids.

The second category is composed of quadrangular pyramid units. There are five types of positive quadrangular pyramid grids, positive quadrangular pyramid grids, diagonal quadrangular pyramid grids, checkerboard quadrangular pyramid grids and star-shaped quadrangular pyramid grids.

The third type is composed of triangular pyramid units, and has three forms: triangular pyramid grid, evacuated triangular pyramid grid and honeycomb triangular pyramid grid. Shell type grid structure is divided into cylindrical shell type grid frame, spherical shell type grid frame and hyperbolic parabolic surface shell type grid frame according to the shell surface form.

The grid structure is divided into steel grids, reinforced concrete grids, and composite grids composed of steel and reinforced concrete according to the materials used. Among them, steel grids are used more frequently.

Post time: Jun-05-2021